Product Classification: Have You Properly Classified All Your Products?

A relatively small number of products exported from the United States require an export license from either the U.S. Department of Commerce or another U.S. agency like the State Department. Before you can determine whether or not your product requires an export license, you must first investigate whether or not your product has an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN).

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In addition, before you can export or import a product, you must first identify your product’s proper Schedule B (for exports) or Harmonized Schedule (HS) (for imports) number. This number must appear on both export and import documentation that accompanies a shipment.
Our Product Classification Wizard provides several search methods that make the product classification process faster and easier than the traditional method of pouring through volumes of printed books and regulations. And because this information is stored online on our secure web server, you can be sure that you are accessing the most current information available.

Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)

To help determine whether or not your product requires an export license, you must first determine its correct ECCN code. (Since ECCN is an acronym for the U.S.-specific export control number, we use the abbreviation “ECN” to include classification numbers for exports from other countries.)

The Product Classification Wizard allows you to search for the correct ECN number for your product by entering either the first part of the ECN number or a text description of your product.

Schedule B Classification

Before you can export a product from the United States, you must first determine its correct 10-digit Schedule B Classification Code. These codes are valid for only U.S. exports and are maintained by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The Product Classification Wizard allows you to search for a specific Schedule B number either based on a partial code of at least the first two digits or by entering a text description of the product.

Harmonized Schedule (HS) Classification

The World Trade Organization has classified all commodities with a number. This number is called a Harmonized Schedule code and ranges from six to 12 digits, depending on the country. However, the first six digits of this number are uniform throughout most of the world.
Customs uses the HS number to determine the import duties, taxes and import license requirements for goods entering a country. This number is required for filling in the Customs documentation.

The Product Classification Wizard allows you to search for the proper HS Number for your products in several ways:

Along with displaying HS numbers, the HS Classification Wizard displays the default duty rate for the product.

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